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Tonight, and at the last moment decided to do the Omaha Steaks “Sirloin Steak” for review and for dinner tonight. I wish I had decided earlier to thaw the steaks. My wife and I decided at the last moment to do the Sirloins. If I had pulled them out of the freezer earlier I would have had time to marinate them. We decided for dinner tonight - Omaha Sirloin Steaks - 5 Ounces, with Baked Yam and steamed Broccoli florets. As I said earlier I wish we had decided on eating these at the beginning of the day then I could have thwed them out way in the morning and did some marinating with them.

So this is how it went:

First thaw the steaks in cold water.... waiting... We cleaned the skin of the Yams then sprayed PAM Olive oil on them, wrapped them up in foil. We put them in a small toaster oven for 55 minutes at 400°Put Yams, normally we would do 450° for about 45 minutes but we needed the extra time. The Steaks finally thaw in about 50 minutes. Since I’m rushed this is what I decide to do: I pound them on both sides with the mean side of the tenderizing hammer - about four or five times on each side - sort of hard - I made them about 3/4” thick. I then rubbed a little of Montreal steak seasoning on one side and rubbed more pepper and salt on both sides. Then I rubbed a tiny bit of toasted sesame oil on both sides. It would be better to let them sit in the fridge for about an hour but like I said, I’m in a hurry and its getting late. I wish I had read the back of the “Unconditional Guarantee” certificate because the recommended grilling times are listed on there. I know this now.... hahaha... anyways I like mine Medium Rare and my wife likes hers to be medium. I decide to cook these steaks on a medium high heat gas grill. Since one of the steaks was about 1/4” thinner I knew I could cook them both for the same amount of time and it would satisfy both our desires done-ness. (is that a word?) O did about five or six minutes per side. WHICH WAS ONE MINUTE PLUS TOO MUCH>>>> remember I discovered the Omaha recommended grill times after I cooked these steaks. Another problem was I WAS COOKING IN THE DARK!!! With a Flashlight - NOT RECOMMENDED. Out steaks tuned out to be Medium for mine and Well done on my wifes. So they were a little on the chewy tough side. BUT the taste was awesome. For these cuts it should have been 5 on one side then turn and finish grilling for 4 minutes. The Picture Total TOP - RIGHT of page shows my steak cut. Mine was more tender than my wifes. As stated earlier - TASTE WAS MAGNIFICENT! Although they were a bit tough but through no fault of the steaks. The steaks were marbled perfectly and bright red when thawed. My hurriedness was their demise. Hey as an amateur cook you can’t get them all right. “Omaha Steaks Review, Sirloin Steak”
Feb. 1st, 2013 Review of Omaha Steaks “Sirloin Steak”
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