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Tonight is the Omaha Steaks 4oz Pork Loin Chops Boneless review and I have a marinade recipe to share. For tonight’s dinner we will have mashed potatoes and grilled tomatoes. My hardest decision was “WHAT MARINADE SHOULD I USE?” Lime based? Vinegar based? Asian style? Oh my what shall I do. Two many marinade choiced and I only have two 4oz chops! I decided on a soy base with lots of garlic and a sugar/honey mix. Sort salty/sweet mix vs. sweet/sour.... The Marinade: I found a marinade on the Internet that sounded good for pork chops and as usual I just had to modify it somewhat. This is enough marinade for about 4 (4oz) pork chops. I only had two Loin Chops so I’m using the rest for Grilled Chicken Breasts tomorrow. I’ll let you know how those turn out manana (as we say in Southwest New Mexico) 1/2 Cup Soy Sauce - I used the low sodium soy sauce (only because I wanted to use it up, Ha!) 1-1/2 T Sugar - I used the Florida Crystal’s Demerara Sugar. 5 Garlic Cloves - I’m of the school that you can’t use to much garlic! 1 T Honey - I use Raw Unfiltered Honey 1/2 t Sea Salt 1/4 t Black Pepper - OK I used 1/2 t 1-1/2T White Cooking Wine Here’s how to prepare the Marinade - You are going to need a blender on this one. Put sugar and garlic cloves into Blender, My honey was not in liquid form do to the cold so I added that to the blender also, otherwise put it in later. Pulse the blender until garlic is chopped up and mixed well with the sugar. Next add the honey, soy sauce, salt, pepper and white cooking wine to the blender and pulse until all ingredients are mixed well. You now have the marinade. I contenplated adding some crushed red pepper, do so if you are brave. I have a wimpy wife though and decided against it this time. Maybe next time if I want to sleep on the couch I’ll do the red pepper. Place the Pork Chops in the marinade at least an hour before cooking - yes more longer is better. put them in the refrigerator and turn them a few times in the marinade. A zip-lock bag is good then you can shake the bag every once in a while. We have one of those seal-a-meal containers that we can suck the air out. This cuts the marinating time down quite a bit because in a low vacuum container the chops absorb the marinade more rapidly. Take them out of the fridge about 1/2 before grilling. The Dinner: Tonight it was going to be mashed potatoes and grilled tomatoes as side dishes with the Pork Loins. For the Mashed Potatoes we cheated and used the Microwave vs. boiling the potatoes for cooking them. I used 5 small Russet potatoes for the wife and I. (i wanted some left over for tomorrow) I cook them in the microwave... WAIT FIRST POKE A FORK INTO THE POTATOES 5 or 6 TIME!!! At first I cooked them for ten minutes in the microwave,  then poke them with a fork to see if tender, then microwave five minutes more, poke again, then five minutes again in the microwave, poked them again, I then felt they needed about two minutes more and did so... finally the potatoes were cooked. Maybe you have a more scientific method but this works for me. We like the skins in our mashed potatoes So I just Sliced/ Cut/ Chopped the cooked potatoes then place in an appropriate pan to then begin the smashing. You are going to need about 1/2 to 3/4 stick of butter, Milk and maybe about 3 Tablespoons of Sour Cream. Put Butter and Sour Cream into the potatoes and start smashing, add a little milk, smash potatoes, add more milk, smash the potatoes keep adding a little milk and smash the potatoes until you have a nice creamy consistency that is palatable to your palette! I added some minced garlic to my potatoes, and if you leave the skins on there will be some lumps of course but we like it that way. Grilled Tomatoes: Cut tomatoes in half, salt and pepper and drizzle some olive oil on the cut side. When the grill is hot I first grilled the tomatoes cut side down for several minutes, I then turn them over and sprinkle shredded Parmesan cheese on top and grill them some more - probably about 4 or 5 minnutes.  Grilling the Pork Loins: Shake the excessive marinade off of the pork chops. Your gas grill must be on high and hot at first. Sear the chops for 1 -2 minutes per side at first. Keep a good eye on them so they don’t catch fire from the high sugar content. after the second side is seared turn the grill down low or move to a cooler side of the grill. Grill for 3 or 4 minutes and then turn and grill another 3 or 4 minutes.  NOW for the Omaha Steaks Pork Loin Chops Boneless REVIEW: These Pork Loins were an excellent cut of loin. They were perfectly trimmed before being vacuum sealed by Omaha Steaks. The Loins on any animal are usually the leanest and one of the best cuts of meat you can buy and the pig is no exception. These pork loins were tender and so full of flavor. Overcooking the loins can dry them out and some people actually prefer that. I prefer mine moist. I love this marinade also. The searing gives a nice caramelized sweetness to the chops. But they were not too sweet. To me they were just right. I did not baste my chops while cooking either. If you like the sweetness more I’m guessing you can just baste the sides again when finishing them off with the low temp cook. Enjoy!!!! We sure did.....
March 3rd, 2013 Review of Omaha Steaks “4oz Pork Loin Chops Boneless
UPDATE!! 03/05/2013
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