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Hanger Steak Look Out welcome welcome My Quest? In search of a Hanger Steak! January 3rd, 2013 In search of a Hanger Steak in Silver City, NM. I drove to town today, it is a 1/2 hour drive from where I live. We have no real meat markets. We have a Super Walmart, of course... An Albertson’s grocery store and a Food Basket - IGA, I believe.   So my first stop was the Foodbasket, I do not usually shop there as it is a little bit farther drive for me. I look through meat section, derrrr..... where else should I have looked? No Hanger steaks to be found! I did find some meat that was processed locally here in NM and not too far from where I live, far as in NM standards, ha, less than a 3 hour drive. Bonus! The labels did have a phone number of this processor. I plan to call.   My second stop was Albertsons. I talked to the butcher there and described in detail what cut of meat I was desiring down to what area in the cow/steer that this Hanger Steak could be found at. He seemed to know what I was talking about. He brought me out a freshly package cut of beef and labeled as “Flank Steak” and was listed at $7.99 per pound. Hmmmmm.... He assured me it was the cut I was looking for. He said he had to label it as a “Flank Steak” because of some type of rule or regulation, hmmmmmm.... again. It did weigh about the right weight, 1.86 pounds. I have not taken it out of the package as of yet so I do not have a good visual until I unfold it. I know that what is called “Flank Steak” is different from “Hanger Steak” They do come from the same approximate area of the steer. But Flank Steak is typically the belly muscles and they get a lot more use and exercise than the Hanger steak does. I plan on taking pictures and preparing a Marinade on  this supposed hanger steak on Saturday evening the 5th of Jan, 2013. It will marinate over night then I’ll throw it on the HOT BBQ on Sunday Afternoon. Will post more here later... Check back for the “Rest of the Story” and chronological pictures as well as the “Flank Steak” Recipe I chose. So will it be a Hanger steak or a Flank steak???? I’m suspecting flank and belly muscles, but will be great tasting anyhow!  JAN 5th, 2013 Marinating Day. It’s official the Albertson’s Butcher sold me a “FLANK STEAK!!!” After opening up the package and unfolding the cut of beef I have determined that is is indeed a Flank steak. So this particular butcher either does not know what a “Hanger Steak” is or he just wanted to make a sale on my ignorance. So he sells me  belly muscle or “FLANK STEAK.” Non the less I will create a GREAT FLANK STEAK Marinade and this will turn out to be a wonderful meal this Sunday.  This is now an OFFICIAL FLANK STEAK adventure. I will document the entire process.  FLANK STEAK MARINADE:  Or use for a HANGER STEAK Marinade.1/2 Cup Total of Oil, consists of 2/3rds Olive oil and 1/3rd Toasted Sesame Oil 1/3 Cup Soy Sauce 1/4 Cup of Marsala 1T Lemon Juice 1T Lime Juice 2T Worcestershire Sauce  1T Grey Poupon Mustard 3 or 4 Garlic Cloves Minced 1/2t Ground Black Pepper 1T Balsamic VinegarThis Marinade is my own concoction. We will see tomorrow how it tastes.
At 8:00PM Saturday Night I’ve place all the above ingredients in a Pyrex dish, Duh I chose one that would fit the Steak. I then whisked all the ingredients together. I slightly diamond scored one side of the Flank Steak. Then coated both sides and placed the scored sided down into the dish. I dredged both sides twice and then scored the steak and placed the scored side down. It went into the refrigerator around 9:00PM Saturday, I will then BBQ this on a propane grill Sunday around 1:00 PM for our early dinner. Check back for the results. Hopefully I will not screw this up. I will then continue the Hanger Steak project when I can find one. I may have to buy one on-line for an exorbitant price. Hover over the images below to see their text subtitles.

Yes! Sunday is here!

I could hardly sleep. I started to prepare everything around 2:00 PM, Temperature outdoors is a cool 47° sun shining brightly... Perfect for a BBQ! Since it is just me and my wife I decided to cook only half of the Flank Steak as pictured below. I am barbecuing the left thicker side. The other thinner side I placed in a ziplock bag with the rest of the marinade and it’s going into the freezer for future use.
I’m going to serve this flank steak with a bake potato, steamed brocolli and grilled zucchini slices that have been drizzled with olive oil and then seasoned slightly with “Spike”, thats “Spike” not to be confused with “Spice” the legal street drug. As I stated earlier it’s just my wife and I so I usually use a portable propane grill. Heck it’s the only grill I have right now, ha! it’s about 4 years old and sits outside in the elements so that is why it looks the way it looks. But it works great. I grilled the steak on HIGH for about 8 minutes per side. I basted the steak a few times during it’s grilling. After turning it over the steak and about 2 to 3 minutes into grill that side I then placed the zucchini, seasoned/oiled side up and grilled for the remainder of the meat time. I purposely cooked the meat med. rare, rare.... Ok it was rare. But my wife does not like rare meat. but I believe it needs to be med. rare to rare for it to stay tender. I wanted it to be rare because I see fajitas in the very near future. Like Tomorrow!!!!! Anyways I trimmed some of the thinner more cooked areas of the steak for my wife!                               NOW FOR THE FIRST TASTE TEST! It was absolutely delicious and Tender, It was one of those “What about Bob” moments mmmmmm.....mmmmm...mmmmmm .....mmmm!!!! Everything turned out great! Oh and my wife loved it too! Oh one more thing! I complimented the meal with a fine Shiraz wine. That’s right it was $2.89 at Walmart. har! Really for an under $3 bottle of wine this is good for the price! Did I mention “HARD TIMES” these days...... huh....
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